Sand Blasting

Metal Sandblasting Services
Through our metal sandblasting services, we are highly successful in delivering the surface finish required for specific applications. Using different types of grit and varying the time and other factors, we are able to achieve the particular finish you need, from rough to very, very rough (from 32 Ra roughness and higher).
Why Sandblasting?
The sandblasting process may be used to prepare a metal surface for adhesion, bonding, insert molding, painting, or other coating operations or to achieve a particular surface texture, such as a matte finish rather than a smooth, shiny appearance. Sandblasting can also be used for removal of burrs or edge profiling on machined components, or to remove rust, scale, or paint from fabricated components.
Our expertise in the sandblasting of small metal parts is typically requested to provide a specified, enhanced level of adhesion — for example, to prepare a metal tube that will be used for plastic injection molding.
Our Metal Sandblasting Services Advantages
Sandblasting roughens up the surface of the material, expanding the surface area of the material surface and, in fact, creating a slightly larger diameter (in tenths of an inch or microns) in the treated areas as compared with the surrounding area. This characteristic of sandblasting makes the ability to precisely target a metal part’s specific treatment areas vitally important to achieving the desired surface modification results.