Top Clear Beauty Salon was founded by Madam Kloudia on the year 1985 upon the core beliefs that this industry required modern salon, impeccable customer care as well as ever-changing décor.These founding elements are the ideals that Top Clear Salon has built upon over the past 32 years Our talented stylists receive constant education on new innovations and creative techniques. Our salon coordinators receive extensive training to understand Top Clear Salon’s expectation and standard for excellent customer service. Top Clear is committed to deliver great service always we always provide the world class services. Each Top Clear beauty therapist/hair stylist needs to qualify in a rigorous 30 days training before touching you As the beauty industry evolves and transforms, so must the elements and décor of the salon. Our modern décor is accompanied by state-of-the-art equipment, particularly beneficial to our clients’ experience. Our new design blends fashion and beauty into the modern salon.Top Clear Salon offers the best in customer care, technical excellence and luxurious products

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